In My Studio- Eminem (Music Video)

plezz comment and enjoy

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    25 Responses to “In My Studio- Eminem (Music Video)”

    • ValentineHipHop:

      lol look how every channel is peaking

    • megamunchit2008:

      I heard Eminem is a bitch because he said he was going to do something about Proof’s death but did nothing. Is this true?

    • TheGreatAnalious:

      I will love to chill with Em one day lol

    • taroninda:

      Dam, that dudes leaving an open can of coke on an SSL desk.

    • airscottay23:

      Ya he didn’t do a song for proof cuz he said he didn’t think any of the songs were good enough. He’s a perfectonist just like dre he’s not a bitch he’s one of the best rappers/lyrisits/mc whatever u wanna call it he’s dope

    • Icelandicpride:

      there all ripped right now
      :hows ur buzz hitten”

    • megamunchit2008:

      What the fuck are you talking about you stupid piece of shit? I said this is what I heard and I just wanted to know if it’s true. Your the perfection of stupidity since you can’t read properly. What a fucking piece of shit you are. If you know the answer, just answer the fucking question. If you don’t know the answer, then keep your fucking mouth shut. Your probably a white piece of shit who knows nothing about rappers.

    • Singh778:

      suck my dick
      u perfection of stupidity

    • megamunchit2008:

      Fuck you fag! This doesn’t concern you. Are you sucking UTiProduction’s dick or something? You owe him one or something? That’s why you have his back? Cocksucker!

    • megamunchit2008:

      Your the cocksucking faggot you Eminem wannabe. All I asked if this was true and you come insult me. What the fuck is wrong with you bitch? I wasn’t insulting Eminem in no way. I just wanted to know, is it true or not? Is Eminem a bitch like you or not?

    • megamunchit2008:

      Your the perfection of UTiProduction but plug. Your head must be so far up his ass, that to you it’s paradise. When you and UTiProduction decide to get together, don’t forget to invite your parents to the party so they can see what a miserable job they did on their pathetic child. Yeah, the one with his head up his buddy’s ass.

    • megamunchit2008:

      Man, shut the fuck up you pile of shit! You don’t know what the fuck your talking about. Your just a retard and want to start shit for no reason. I’m not here to win a grammar competition dumbfuck. You should see all the horrible grammar that goes on in youtube. Worse than mine. This is not school, this is not a competition, this is fucking youtube and it’s for entertainment.

      Stupid cocksucking faggot!

      Let me tell you a secret….

      Come closer bitch….

      A little closer…

      Shut the Fuck Up!

    • megamunchit2008:

      Your the one who’s stupid you fuck! Grammar is not important dumbshit! Like I said, I ain’t here to win a contest. If I was writing an essay, I would you grammar check to fix my grammar stupid shit. In the video game Final Fantasy 7, there were tons of grammar errors, and yet, it still made millions of dollars.

      It is you who needs to school faggot! Your so fucking stupid you come here to piss someone off for nothing. No one has done harm to you. Why do you bring harm upon others?

    • megamunchit2008:

      I’ll tell you why! It’s because your life is pathetic and all you do with it suck cock! Your pissed of because you don’t get to suck Eminem’s cock!

      Go get a life you piece of shit! If your still not satisfied, go fucking hang yourself you piece of shit!

    • megamunchit2008:

      Are you fucking stupid you piece of shit? After I posted my comment, I realized an error but decided not to fix it because I don’t need to. If “you are” a smart faggot, you would understand that I meant to say “use.”

      You fucking little fairy, you the one talking about cocksucking so you must be that fag!

      Why don’t you go do something will your pathetic life bitch? Go slap your mother for fun! The bitch needs it!

    • QuiriaBoo52:

      wow…yu grown ass men wit yur dumbass internet fights… fuckin immature……i love EMINEM…HE IZ MI HUBBY 4 LIFE

    • xxNtGxx:

      Damn that beat is crazy, yet its SOO SIMPLE!!!! I think ive been making my beats too complex lol

    • iDeluminate:

      Youtube Beef LOL

    • kristinparker22:

      This was really cool, very inspiring to watch them work. It’s easy to forget that even superstars have to start somewhere and that the songs don’t write themselves.

    • TheSpecialistmusic:

      whats good when you get a chance listen to my song thanks

    • jamoretechdeck:

      hahaha it the beat to jimmy crack corn

    • Warlock700:

      wait, does this mean Swift was suppose to have a verse on Jimmy Crack Corn? Cause i see him writin too.

    • davdgee:


    • davdgee:



      i want that soundboard

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