Is it legal to have hidden microphones and/or cameras in the work place?

I work in retail in Australia and was just wondering if it is legal for the boss to have installed hidden microphones and/or cameras? And for him to be sitting at home listening/watching?

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  • Tootie:

    Public areas . . . .probably, but depends on your state and local laws. But definitely not the bathroom or changing area’s or the in the toilet or under the secretary’s desk under her skirt (don’t laugh it happens)

  • King O:

    You’re at his business…he can do whatever he likes.

  • Sara:

    yes its legal.

  • singingsusie25901:

    In the usa it isn’t legal to do that…you must inform your employees that there is a camera and mics around .We have cameras and mics all over the stores and the owner watches them all the time .I for one am never worried , and no one should be offended if they aren’t taking from their place of business.However where you are , may be another story.Check with your local business labor board .They would know .

  • redstapler52:

    Not sure about Australia, you should check with your local labor board or whatever it may be called down under. Stateside these laws vary by state. Some states require the presence of cameras/microphones be posted while others don’t mandate it. Cameras/microphones placed in areas the employee would expect privacy is forbidden. I’m in one of those states that require the presence be posted but my part-time employer doesn’t feel its necessary. There was a while that I had hoped to get fired for something I said while being listened to just to raise a little hell and point out their blatant disregard for law.

  • scat:

    Not in the bathrooms – there was a situation in pub in NSW which had a camera in the locker room and that resulted in him losing his business.

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