What is the best webcam for recording music?

I want to start recording some stuff to put up on YouTube as well as my personal music website, but I have NO IDEA where to even begin to start looking for things like a webcam and stuff. I have been recording in studios, but I really want to visual to go with the audio. Please help me!

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3 Responses to “What is the best webcam for recording music?”

  • oracle128au:

    No webcam is good enough for any real work. They are novelty items. If you want to actually be serious in your hobby, you will look into buying a digital video camera, as well as proper audio recording equipment (you record them separately).

  • almighty_malachi:

    Why would you want a webcam for that?

  • cooldeepak92:

    dude i understand a webcam with a microphone try out Creative webcams . You need to spend more bucks on it .

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